Vitaly Bulgakov

Vitaly Bulgakov

Vitaly Bulgakov is an independent consultant engaged in diverse applications of Deep Learning models and working on projects including:
Application of Generative Pre-Trained Transformers with a specific focus on converting extensive documents into user-friendly Question-Answering systems.
Evaluating various models and methods, including RAG, fine-tunings, and text-to-image diffusion, to determine their effectiveness. Classification and Detection of Flying Objects, including drones and aircraft utilizing Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) and Transformers.
Targeted web crawling and application of LLM to news parsing and retrieval based on customer’s preference.

Dr. Bulgakov graduated Moscow State University – Civil Engineering. Ph.D. and Doctor of Science. Titled as a professor at dept. of Applied Mathematics in the University.

Dr. Bulgakov worked at Erlangen-Nurnberg University (Germany) as Alexander von Humboldt fellow. at NTH in University of Trondheim (Norway) under Norwegian Royal Society fellowship; 1998 – 2023 Worked as a software engineer and data scientist at USA and Europe-based companies: EMRC (Engineering Mechanics Research Corporation), PTC (Parametric Technology), Verizon, DexMedia, InTheChat, MicroFocus, OpenText.

Website: NextAI Systems

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