Victor Bykov

Victor Bykov

Victor Bykov is a Doctor of Engineering and professor of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; laureate of the Award of the Russian Federation Government in the field of science and engineering (2004); author and coauthor of more than 160 papers, including 60 invention application and patents; organizer and President of Russian Society of Scanning Probe Microscopy (; Chairman of Guild of high-tech enterprises of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry; one of coauthors and leaders of Russian State programme "Molecular electronics", Leader of the project "Molecular nanotechnology".

In 1989 Dr. Bykov organized and headed the NT-MDT Co., which specializes in research and development of the equipment for nanotechnology needs. Nowadays NT-MDT Co. is the Russian leader in the field of high-tech development. Over the 20-years period NT-MDT products have evolved from scanning probe microscope to up-to-date unique multifunctional equipment - automated ultrahigh vacuum facilities.

NT-MDT has been creating the equipment for nanotechnology researches since 1992, steadily holding the advanced positions regarding the quality standards/hi-tech developments/original technical solutions.

The range of products constantly expands, and is represented today with 5 equipment lines. These are the accessories for the probe microscopy; SPM instruments for educational needs (NanoEducator); specialized SPM instruments (Solver line) for scientific and industrial research centers. The probe nano-laboratories (NTEGRA line) uniting the whole spectrum of modern techniques on the SPM basis is the most modern and the most powerful scientific platform. NTEGRA Spectra, the instrument for carrying out Raman spectroscopy together with SPM experiments, won the R&D100 prize in the year 2006 as the best innovation system.

At last, the modular nano-factories (NanoFab-100 line) uniting the whole arsenal of means and techniques necessary for processing and quality assurance of devices/ elements of micro- and nano-electronics.

The company has a wide distribution and network and sales its products in 52 countries. The specialists of NT-MDT have installed more than 1600 devices in scientific institutions and universities in most of the Asian and European countries as well as Israel, USA and Russia.

Now NT-MDT is the worldwide established brand name in the field of nanotechnology. More and more scientists and engineers recognize NT-MDT as the designer and supplier of advanced and the most complete SPM instrumentation.

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