Russian Science Technology and Education Conference

Online Conference, October 5-16, 2020

Altai Forum on Science and Education in Russia: Challenges and Solutions (Altai Forum - 2)

Алтайский Форум Русско-говорящих Ученых-Соотечественников (Алтайский Форум -2)

Chair: Anna Kuleshova

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As a new edition of Altai forum in science and education in Russia established in 2019 at the AKTRU2019 conference the Organizers of RUSTEC2020 forum invite Russian-speaking scientists, experts in education, and leaders of academic institutions, governmental organizations and private corporations in education and research to discuss current trends in science and education in Russia including but not limited to the following topics:

  • International and regional collaboration and academic mobility
    Experience and proposals from Russian academic institutions and their colleagues from abroad.
  • Quality of education, science and research publications
    Joint educational and research programs of Russian and international universities. Independent expertise of educational and research proposals. International ratings. Online education and distant project management.
  • Challenges and opportunities in partnership of governmental and private non-profit organizations in education and science
    Discussion of proposals in organizing various forms of partnership.

Workshop format

Organizers invite lectures and presentations of collaborative projects and proposals. We also plan to organize round tables on the topics of the workshop. Abstracts of the presentations have to be submitted in English while presentations will be held in Russian. The workshop summary will be published in a memorandum.

Registration: Workshop participants are invited to register online as regular RUSTEC2020 forum attendees. All presentations at Altai Forum workshop will be held online.

Questions and presentation proposals can be send by email to info-{at} or at Contact Us web page.

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