Yuri Tkachenko

Yury Tkachenko, М.D., Ph.D., started his career at the department of Hospital Therapy of Nizhniy Novgorod Medical Academy, co-authored a number of scientific publications in the area of treatment, diagnostics and monitoring of diseases. In 1989, he defended the thesis on the treatment of lymphocytic leukemia. In 2001, Yury Tkachenko has received Civil Law degree with specialization in the Patent Law. Tkachenko founded several companies for the production and distribution of medical devices continuing traditions of Nizhny Novgorod Scientific School of Technical Thermography and Radiometry. His companies sold more than 1200 medical thermographs and medical radiometers to medical organizations and independent doctors for the amount of more than $40 million. In 2004, Yury Tkachenko became a co-founder of LLC “Spinor”, the company producing and selling CEM-TECH device intended for treatment of a list of diseases at home. From 2005 to 2010, more than 150 thousand devices have been sold for the amount of more than 80 billion U.S. dollars. In the beginning of 2000’s, companies of Yury Tkachenko created and, later sold several patents for biomedical technologies, including 2 patents for medical radio thermometry for early detection of breast cancer were sold to Samsung . In 2010, his company CEM-Technology, JSC has started development of mini-thermograph. After the successful test sales the group of trademarks “CEM” was sold to the company CEM Instruments, China, specializing in productions and sales of IR-thermometers. In 2012, Yury Tkachenko started financing development of home thermograph intended for mass production. Under his supervision, umbrella technology patents and trademarks in all key countries of the world were received. Legal basis for global commercialization of home thermograph protected from competition was created. The ultimate goal of the project is the sale of IP Sma®tArthritis to pharmaceutical company or the company producing medical instruments, aiming to take the leading position on the global market of home monitoring and treatment of knee joint arthritis. In 2016, Yury Tkachenko became a minority shareholder in ContraFlu company, specializing in the development of promising drugs for the treatment of influenza. From 2005 to the present time Yury Tkachenko directs the development and implementation of patent strategies of interested companies, about 80 IP objects were sold. Since 2017 the work on the developing and marketing of inventions is carried out as a separate project.

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