Know-How Trade

IPTOOR: Know-How Trade and Business development Web Portal and Network.

Nano & Giga Solutions introduces its new small business development and know-how trade web portal by offering the following services:

  • FOR INVENTORS AND IP OWNERS: assistance in licensing of products and technologies and financing business development.
  • FOR TECHNICAL EXPERTS: consulting opportunities in technical due diligence and problem solving.
  • FOR LEGAL EXPERTS: consulting opportunities in IP development (patenting), evaluation and licensing.
  • FOR BUSINESS EXPERTS: consulting opportunies in business development.
  • FOR INVESTORS: assistance in due diligence and investment in small companies, products and techlogies.
  • FOR INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS: assistance in evaluation and acquiring of new products and technologies and solving technological problems.

To learn more about and to join our IPTOOR please visit iptoor.com or contact us.