Life and Earth Sciences and Sustainable Global and Regional Development (AKTRU2019)
International Symposium and Summer Schools

Altai Mountains, Russia, July 8-19, 2019

Accommodation and Venues

Main venue and accomodation for the Symposium (July 8-10) for AFRUSS workshop (July 11-13) participants is available at the resort Manzherok including hostel and camping options for 200 rubles/night. Hotel Manzherok is located on the Katun River in 30 min from Gorno-Altaisk aiport and in 20 min drivefrom hotel Orlinoe Gnezdo. Some of the afternoon Symposium sessions and all AFRUSS workshop sessions will be held at the hotel Manzherok. To see the price list and photos of the rooms click here (for description in Russian, click here).

Additional accommodation is available in the resort Orlinoe Gnezdo (Eagle Nest) located on the Katun River in 50 min drive from Gorno-Altaisk aiport. There is a broad variety of accommodattion options is available ranging from an apartment for 35000 rubles/night (four bedrooms, up to 9 people) to modest rooms for 3800 rubles (two single beds). To see the price list and photos of the rooms click here (for description in Russian, click here).

Transportation between the two resors will be available.

To reserve accommodation at the resort Orlinoe Gnezdo or resort Manzherok, please, contact us by e-mail to info-{at} or via the Contact Us web page

On July 11th participants of the schools will be taken by buses to their corresponding venues according to the Summer School programs. Symposium participants who do not plan to participate in one of the school may wish to add a few days to explore beautiful Altai Mountains by remaining at the resortss and taking tours.

Our Sponsors and Partners

Tomsk State University
Altai State University
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Arizona State University
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Tourist resort Manzherok