Life and Earth Sciences and Sustainable Global and Regional Development (AKTRU2019)
International Symposium and Summer Schools

Altai Mountains, Russia, July 8-19, 2019

Russian Visa

The information given below comes from several sources, and the organizers of AKTRU2019 can not be held responsible for its accuracy. We encourage you to verify the procedures with your local Russian consulate or with a respectable travel agency. Visa requirements vary from country to country. Wikipedia has general information about visa policy of Russia and the list of the countries having visa wavers for their citizen to travel to Russia.

We strongly encourage our conference participants to start visa process application in advance in order to obtain visa in a timely and secure manner. Obtaining Russian visa starts from completing visa application online. As supporting documents for visa application the conference organizers will provide to the registered particpants the letters of acceptance of their abstracts for presentation and receipts for the conference fee payments.

Additional information on visa and travel in Russia are available at the following web sites:

Disclaimer: Meeting organizers are not to be held responsible for your travel arrangements and communications with the travel agencies

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