Life and Earth Sciences and Sustainable Global and Regional Development (AKTRU2019)
International Symposium and Summer School

Altai Mountains, Russia, July 8-19, 2019

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Impressions from the AKTRU 2018 Summer School from Terry Callaghan, Masayuki Kawahigashi and David Hedding.


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Conference overview

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Our home planet Earth which provides us with life and protects from the merciless space becomes small and vulnerable with growing human population demanding more and more resources for its growth, nutrition and ambitious industrial expansion. Understanding the interconnection between limited natural resources and life evolution including human society is critical for sustainable global and regional development. The earth scientists who study climate, atmosphere, soil, and evolution of living organisms provides crucial and often alarming information critically important for urban, industrial and agricultural planning. Scientific study of remote and environmentally sensible regions such as high elevation mountains, deserts and swamps provide unique information about Earth evolution including global impact of the human society.

Altai Mountains (Gold Mountains in Mongolian) are located in the middle of Euro-Asian continent bridging Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Due to its remote location from major urban areas and high elevation the region sustains stable climate and biodiversity since last ice age. With its unique environment Altai is a paradise for earth scientists and tourists alike who value natural treasures of pristine environment. National Research Tomsk State University (TSU) has the research station Aktru established in 1956 located in the south-eastern part of the Altai Republic close to the borders to Mongolia and China. The nearest town, Gorno-Altaisk, is located about 250 km northwest of the station. Since 2011 TSU scientists in collaboration with their international colleagues hold yearly Summer schools in July at Aktru station on natural and human environment of Arctic and Alpine areas. In 2019 the Summer school will be held in conjunction with the international symposium organized jointly by TSU, Altai State University (AlSU) and their international partners.

The International Symposium and Summer School (AKTRU2019) is an interdisciplinary forum in education and research of various subject areas of life and earth sciences including studies of soil, atmosphere, biodiversity, climatology, geology, paleontology, hydrology and glaciology with specific focus on sustainable global and regional development. The AKTRU2019 will include three days symposium held at one of the resorts at the Altai mountains followed by the eight days school at the AKTRU research station. The international experts are invited to present research papers at the symposium and tutorial lectures at the Summer school. The young researchers and students are welcome to present posters at the symposium and to join the Summer school at the Aktru station. The Symposium topics will also cover several aspects of global and regional sustainability such as renewable energy and socio-economics of remote regions.

For information about 5th International Summer School (AKTRU2018), please, see the web page , booklet, and program.

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Photos from AKTRU 2018

Photos provided by Tatiana Kolesnikova, AKTRU 2018 School Manager.

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