Life and Earth Sciences and Sustainable Global and Regional Development (AKTRU2019)
International Symposium and Summer Schools

Altai Mountains, Russia, July 8-19, 2019

Registration Fee Schedule

Please note that prepaying your registration fee early offers substantial savings with the least financial risk for you (only a small processing fee of 10% will be subtracted at cancellation). With the Early and Regular registration fees you can also cancel your participation until June 8 and be refunded. Late registration fees are non-refundable.

Before you can pay the registration fee, you need to register so we have your contact information.

Fee Schedule

Early Regular Late
200 USD 300 USD 400 USD)
100 USD 150 USD 200 USD)
1000 USD 1200 USD 1500 USD
100 USD 100 USD 100 USD
1000 USD 1000 USD 1000 USD

Early: until February 8, 2019

Regular: February 8 - April 8, 2019

Late: After April 8, 2017

Refunds / Cancellations

If you paid your registration fee but need to cancel your participation in the conference, we will refund your registration fee less the processing charge. Late registration fees are non-refundable, however.

Early registration fees are refundable if cancellation is received on or before June 8, 2019. The 10% processing charge will be subtracted.

Regular registration fees are refundable until June 8, 2019. The 20% processing charge will be applied. For cancellation received after June 8, 2019 the registration fees are non-refundable.

Late registration fees are not refundable.

If you have any questions about registration or conference fees, please contact the conference organizers.

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