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In Memory of Alexey Rudoy

Alexey Rudoy


     A Scientist and a Friend


On November 22, 2018, the well-known Soviet and Russian physical geographer, geomorphologist and glaciologist, doctor of geographical sciences, professor Alexei Nikolaevich Rudoy suddenly died at 67 years of age.

Alexei Rudoy was born on August 19, 1952. In 1969 he entered the Department of General Geography of the Faculty of Geology and Geography of Tomsk State University (TSU), that he successfully graduated in 1974. His thesis “Geomorphology of the middle part of the river Vankarem basin (Eastern Chukotka) in connection with alluvial gold-bearing" was written under the supervision of the head of the department, professor A. Zemtsov.

While still a 2nd year student, Aleksei went to Altai for the first time, and the trip turned out to be fateful. He kept returning there almost every year for the next 50 years. In his student years, Alexei Rudoy showed an extraordinary ability in science. In 1972, Alexei worked in Evenkia in the basin of the northern tributaries of the Podkamennaya Tunguska River as a geological technician, compiling a geomorphological map. In 1973, he was already at the east of Chukotka conducting geological exploration for alluvial gold and geomorphological surveys. After a year of work in the north of the Tomsk region as a geological engineer, he was invited to work at the Problem Research Laboratory of Glacioclimatology (PRL GC) of TSU.

During this period, A. Rudoy was keen on Antarctica. In 1977-1978, he participated in his first expedition to East Antarctica, took a trip to the "C" dome as a part of the International Expedition of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1981-1982, he went on a second expedition – a hike to the dome “B”, conducting unique glaciological studies at Molodezhnaya, Mirny, and East stations. Impressed by these expeditions in 1991, Alexei published a book “The Phenomenon of Antarctica”. By the early 1980s, Alexei Rudoy was already a well-known specialist in the field of physical geography, glacial geomorphology, Quaternary paleogeography and paleoglaciology. Moving beyond, Aleksi Rudoy enters a graduate school of the Institute of Geography of the USSR Academy of Sciences, a leading scientific geographical institution of the Soviet Union. After graduating in 1985 A. Rudoy returns to his home department and becomes a lecturer.

Alexei Rudoy developed and delivered lectures on cartography, general and dynamic geology, general geomorphology, general glaciology and permafrost, workshops on research methodology and cartographic drawing, special courses on Quaternary paleogeography, catastrophe theory, fluvial geomorphology, glacial geomorphology, and placer geology, for students of various universities across Russia and abroad. In 1987 A. Rudoy brilliantly defended his PhD thesis at the Institute of Geography under the supervision of M.G. Groswald on the topic "Regularities of the regime and mechanisms of discharge of glacial-dammed lakes in intermontane Basins". After 8 years, his higher doctoral dissertation was ready and equally impressive defense ensued.

Alexei Rudoy's scientific works are multilayered, they will continue to be useful to new generations of geographers. Natural talent, the broadest outlook, deep knowledge, and exceptional writing talent, made A. Rudoy one of the leaders in world geographical science. Among his geographical theories and concepts, the Theory of diluvial morpholithogenesis and the Concept of icy lakes, must be mentioned.

In 1989 A.N. Rudoy started to work at Tomsk State Pedagogical University (TSPU). He founded the Department of Geography and the Department of General Geography and Environmental Management at TSPU, developed fundamentally new curricula in two geographical specialties: geography-biology and geography-history.

One of the most popular monographs of A. Rudoy "Ukok" was written in 2000 in collaboration with colleagues from Altai State University, where he worked from 1995 to 2002 as a part-time faculty at the Department of Economic Geography and Cartography. It is a fundamental work, the best sections of which were written by Alexei Rudoy, it is one of the most known and popular publications on Altai. Written in an original manner, it goes beyond the traditional physiographic descriptions and returns us to the classic country studies of the past. The most famous monograph of A.N. Rudy "Giant ripples of the flow (history of research, diagnostics and paleogeographic significance)" was published by the TSU Publishing House in 2005. In the book the author addresses the geological and geomorphological evidence of the catastrophic breakthroughs of the giant glacial-dammed lakes of the last glacial era. Particular attention is paid to the geography, structure, and hydraulic characteristics of the relief of giant signs of ripples that were found in the river valleys of Altai and Tuva.

Alexei Rudoy was the life and soul of any team of coworkers and group of friends. Openheartedness, exceptional benevolence in relation to people, willingness to come to the rescue in a difficult situation and to support, was in Alexei’s nature. At the same time, he was a very modest, at times even shy person. He was very caring and mindful not to offend people. He left behind a lot of separate autobiographical sketches, but it is very difficult to compile them into a coherent story. We are sure that the biography of Alexei Rudoy, a remarkable person and highly professional geographer, will be written. It is important for us to preserve our memories, pass them on to students, children, and grandchildren.

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