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Symposium and Summer School (Tutorial Lectures)

Tomsk, Russia, September 18-22, 2017 and

Computational Design of Materials and Devices (CDMD)

Chairs: Vladimiro Mujica, Artem Oganov and Vladimir Skripnyak

Computational design of materials and devices provides a forum for researchers applying atomic scale computations to process, materials and device design for different areas of science and technology. Although the areas of application for atomic scale computation are diverse, the underlying principles, algorithms and techniques are similar. Materials and process simulation on atomic scale is currently a reality, rather than a domain of purely academic investigations. It is now routinely used in industrial R&D in materials design, processing, and chemical synthesis. For this symposium we seek submissions with application of atomic scale materials design to:

  • Quantum simulation methods: cluster and periodic-type approaches;
  • Classical methods: Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics, Potentials;
  • Bridging atomic, meso and macro scale;
  • Simulation of thin film deposition and growth;
  • Simulation of surfaces and interfaces;
  • Simulation of materials properties and defects;
  • Computational materials for future electronics, photonics and renewable energy

The workshop is organized in collaboration with Computational Design of Materials and Devices, CDMD/ASDN center and network initiative, at Tomsk State University

Presenters include:

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