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Symposium and Summer School (Tutorial Lectures)

Tomsk, Russia, September 18-22, 2017 and

Social Program

Networking events

    Conference Organizers are planning the following networking events:
    Reception on September 19th - All conference attendees and accompanied persons are invited, no reservation is required;
    Poster reception and awards on September 21st - All conference attendees and accompanied persons are invited, no reservation is required;
    Conference banquet on September 22nd - Reservation is required at the registration desk;
    Post-conference networking and picnic at TSU cabins and camping site on 23rd (all day event) - Reservation is required at the registration desk;
    Fursther details will be available later.

Trip to the Lake Baikal

    Self-organized group of the Lake Baikal tour will meet in the moring of September 14th at the Irkutsk airoprt and will travel together for a three night stay in the Baikal Raduga hotel. Return in Irkutsk on 17th with follow up flight to Tomsk. Those who are ineterested to join the tour, please, contact Alexey Kovalgin or the Organizers.

Trip to the Altai Mountains

    Trip to the Altai Mountains will start on September 23rd with either bus or combination of a flight and bus transfer from Tomsk to Gorno Altaisk. You will spend 5 or 6 nights (optional) in a hotel (or cabins) at the beautiful Lake Aya and will have daily tours of mountains, rivers, lakes, caves, and other naturale treasures of magestic Altai Mountains. Return flights to Moscow are either on September 28th from Gorno Altaisk (direct flight) or on September 29th from Barnaul (direct flight). For further details, please, contact Katerina Polutina via email: katrinpolly{at} .

    For the suggested program of Lake Baikal trip in English, click here, and in Russian, click here

City Tours

  • A Three-hour Sightseeing Tour for "Newcomers" includes a visit to the most iconic and historically interesting places. Exciting legends will send you back to the 17th century time of the foundation of the Tomsk city. The tour will include visiting the Resurrection Mountain, the White Lake, the Camp Garden, driving along the old and new streets of the city, and will provide you will an insight into the city’s history and daily life.
  • About Tomsk with Irony and Love within 4 Hours : Each city boasts interesting monuments. In Tomsk there are 27. Large and small, different in style, they are not only an ornament, but also a history of our city. On this tour you will see the smallest monument, a statue of a lover, a tribute to the slippers, and, of course, an obelisk of a bear.

Excursions of the City’s Surroundings

  • Pine Forest (duration of the tour is 3 hours). The bus will bring you to the settlement place of the first Tomsk Tatars. You will be able to inhale the purest air, filled with pine aroma, visit the Forest Museum and learn about various wood crafts (woodcarving). And do you know what a dendrological garden is? In the Pine Forest you will not only learn about it, but will also find yourself in its thicket.
  • Cossack Prison (duration of the excursion is 5 hours). Would you like to stand at the top of the fortress and to shoot arrows? You can do it in the Cossack village of Semeluzhki. You will be given a fascinating excursion around the prison including a demonstration of cannons and tools of peasant labor, dressing up in old costumes and learning how to shoot arrows. And at the end of the tour you will enjoy "Ivan-tea" in a wooden hut.
  • Museum - Reserve "Tomskaya Pisanitsa" (duration of the tour is 6 hours + 6 hours on the road). This is a unique open-air museum. There are drawings of ancient people here on the rocks. You will have the opportunity to take a walk along the shore of Tom and jon various activities and excursions of the Reserve.

Excursions in the Tomsk State University

  • Botanical Garden (duration of the tour is 1 hour). Not every university can boast of its own botanical garden, but the TSU can. On the garden’s 10 hectares of land, which include a green-house and a reserve, you can find various types of plants typical of Siberia and beyond including tropical trees. Despite the severity of the climate, the employees of the Botanical Garden preserve unique types of plants for visitors that are atypical for the local climatic zone.
  • Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of Siberia (duration of the tour is 45 minutes) present carefully preserved specimens of archeology, ethnography, history, numismatics, bonistics, phaleristics, and fine arts. Have you noticed any incomprehensible words in the previous sentence and want to understand what they mean by examples? Then our museum of archeology and ethnography is right for you.
  • Paleontological Museum (the duration of the tour is 45 minutes). Here you will see the first terrestrial plants - psilophytes, skeletons of various dinosaurs, uneven-aged invertebrates.
  • Museum of the History of Physics (the duration of the excursion is 45 minutes). Everyone knows that the radio was invented by A. S. Popov, and the phone was invented by A. Bell. But have you seen the radio receiver of Popov? The Museum of the History of Physics of TSU will provide you with such an opportunity.

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