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Nano and Giga Challenges in Electronics, Photonics and Renewable Energy

Current Trends in Radiophysics

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Symposium and Summer School (Tutorial Lectures)

Tomsk, Russia, September 18-22, 2017 and

Meeting Profile

The meeting program combines the summer school, symposium, and satellite workshops. The program of the symposium includes plenary talks in the morning, and parallel sessions (oral and poster presentations) in the afternoon.

Guidelines for the presentations: Tutorial lectures are 45 minutes and invited papers at the symposium are 30 minutes including questions and a break; contributed oral papers - 15 and 20 minutes.

Related topics are grouped together with the section chairs. Sections are mainly to streamline the meeting organization (click on section titles for details):

  • Affiliated conference: Current Trends in Radiophysics

    (Chairs: Grigory Dunaevsky and Valentin Suslyaev)

  • Satellite Workshop: Technology Innovations

    (Chair: Olga Babkina)

  • Satellite Workshop: Digital Design and Computer Architecture

    (Chairs: Yuri Panchul and Stanislav Shidlovsky)

  • Satellite Workshop: Computational Design of Materials and Devices

    (Chairs: Vladimiro Mujica and Vladmir Skripnyak)

  • Exhibition

    (Chair: Tatiana Kochetkova)

    • Summer School (Tutorial lectures)

      (Chairs: TBD)

    • Discovery and Poster Sessions

      (Chairs: TBD)

    • Publication Committee

      (Members: Anatoli Korkin and Shobeir Mazinani)

    • Characterization of Materials and Devices at (Sub)Nanoscale

      (Chair: Gennadi Bersuker)

    • Electrochemistry of Energy Transformation and Storage

      (Chairs: TBD)

    • Fabrication of Nanostructured Materials and Devices

      (Chairs: Gyula Eres and Alexey Kovalgin)

    • Functional Magnetic Nanostructured Materials and Devices

      (Chairs: TBD)

    • Terahertz Electronics and Photonics

      (Chairs: TBD)

    • Nanophotonics, Optoelectronics, and Plasmonics

      (Chairs: Konstantin Golant and Albert Nasibulin )

    • Molecular and Bio Electronics

      (Chair: Steffen Duhm)

    • NanoCMOS and Beyond: Devices & Architecture

      (Chairs: Francis Balestra and Patrick Lenahan)

    • Nanostructured Materials for Solar Energy Conversion

      (Chair: Koichi Yamashita )

    • Detectors and Sensors: Science and Technology

      (Chairs: Indu Mishra and Oleg Tolbanov)

    • Non-Volatile Memory Devices at the Nano Scale

      (Chairs: David Gilmer and Vladimir Gritsenko)

    • Novel Carbon Materials in Optics, Electronics and Photovoltaics

      (Chairs:Sergey Maksimenko and Vladimir Popov)

    • Organic Materials and Devices

      (Chairs: Tatyana Kopylova and Björn Lüssem)

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