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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is registration requested prior to abstract submission?
Registration is required for communication with the presenting authors with regard to abstract acceptance, fee payment, and other issues related to the meeting attendance. We also notify the registered participants about deadlines and award opportunities (if they are available from our sponsors!). The prospective participants can withdraw their registration by sending an e-mail to the organizers, if they are not able to come to the meeting.

Does registration require an immediate payment of the conference fee?
No. However, registration is required for organizers to be able to convey important information to prospective participants such as abstract acceptance, approaching deadlines, etc.

I did not receive the confirmation of my registration from the organizers. How do I know whether my registration is in place?
When you register on our web site you should receive an automatic email which confirms your registration. If you do not receive an email confirmation, either the email address was input incorrectly or the confirmation went into your SPAM folder. To check if you entered your email correctly, you can contact us or proceed with the abstract submission. If you entered your email correctly you will be able to submit the abstract. To allow email from the conference organizers, add organizers{at} to your address book and/or check with your webmaster.

I need a visa to attend the meeting. Can I get an invitation letter from the organizers?
The organizers DO NOT issue personal invitation letters that would contain specific legal language needed for visa application purposes. We do provide, however, letters confirming abstract acceptance and receipts for registration fee payments. These documents can be used as support documents for the visa application.

I received the information about the meeting by e-mail. Should I expect the same information to be sent to me by regular mail?
No. We generally do not mail hard copies of our conference flyers except to some institutions/organizations and for distribution at meetings. We send formal invitation letters to invited speakers and acknowledgement letters to those who paid conference fees and/or submitted abstracts that were subsequently accepted by the Program Committee. Such letters are sent ONLY WHEN THEY ARE REQUESTED.

Will my registration on the web site guarantee my acceptance as a participant?
Your registration with the paid registration fee will guarantee your participation provided that you obtain other required means for participation such as support from your organization to attend our conference and a visa (if required). However, the organizers reserve the right to refuse acceptance to people or organizations whose motivation or background is incompatible with the goals of the meeting and the spirit of collaboration.

Does everyone who registers have to be a coauthor of a paper submitted to the meeting?
Currently, no. However, as the meeting time approaches, organizers may be forced to limit the number of participants, and assign higher preference to participants who make an oral presentation or present a poster. at the meeting.

Does submission of an abstract guarantee its acceptance?
No, unless you are an invited speaker. The decision about acceptance of your abstract will be made by the organizers and appointed reviewers. The authors of accepted abstracts will be notified about the decision promptly.

I (my organization) do(es) not have enough funds to support my participation at the meeting. Do I have a chance to attend?
We strongly advise you to contact appropriate funding agencies to support your participation at our meeting. Organizers will gladly provide a letter of support for participants whose presentations are accepted.

In order to obtain permission to attend the meeting and/or travel funding I need to know early if my abstract is accepted. What shall I do?
Indicate in the box that you need an early notification about your abstract acceptance. Our Program Committee will be reviewing abstract submissions monthly, and we will be sending decisions on acceptance or rejection within a month to those who request early notification.

Can I bring my family member to the conference?
Yes. If your family member wants to participate in the conference social program, reception, and coffee breaks, we ask that you register him/her and pay the modest Registration Fee for the accompanying person. Also, when you pay the registration fee, the organizers will issue a receipt, which can be used for visa purposes, if needed.

My presentation at the conference is based on already published results. May I submit a paper for publishing in the special issue which is different from my presentation at the meeting?
Yes, you may submit a paper which can be different from your presentation at the meeting as long as it fits within the scope of the conference. You may also have different co-authors for your presentation and the paper submitted for publication. The value of the presentation at the meeting is based on the quality of the presented results but not on the fact whether they have been published or not. Moreover, conference papers which present review of your own research and work of others have high value for attendees while the value of the journal papers is higher if presented results are original (not published elsewhere). To make conference presentations the best value for the meeting attendees and the proceedings papers of best value for the readers, we do not require the conference and journal papers to be the same.

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