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Symposium and Summer School (Tutorial Lectures)

Tomsk, Russia, September 18-22, 2017 and

Registration Fee Payment

Registration Fee: The early registration fee for the conference participants is 400 US dollars (before May 18, 2017), regular fee - 500 US dollars (May 18 - August 18, 2017), late fee - 600 US dollars (August 19 - September 17, 2017) and on-site fee is 700 USD (September 18-22, 2017). Full time students may inquire 50% discount of the regular conference fee. The daily fee is 200 US dollars. The registration fee for exhibitors is 1000 US dollars. The registration fee for accompanied persons is 200 US dollars. The registration fee includes printed materials, reception and coffee breaks. The daily fee includes all social events at the day of the meeting attendance. Further details are available at the Fee Schedule page. The conference fee are accepted only from registered participants. Please register prior paying the conference fee.

Fee Payment for Russian Citizen: Information about conference fee payment in rubles is available on the CTR2017 web site. For details and questions, please, contact Olga Alexandrovna Dotsenko by email (apr{at} or by phone (+7-913-882-64-85). Please, send a photo copy or scan of your wire receipt to Katerina Polutina by email at katrinpolly{at} .

Payment Options:

  • Check or Money order: Check should be in US dollars issued by a US Bank or a US Bank Partner. Personal checks issued by foreign banks are not accepted. Checks should be mailed to the address below with the clear indication of the purpose of the payment, such as "Conference fee for Dr. John Scientist, Jr."

  • Bank/Wire Transfer: Bank transfer fees are expensive. Please pay the transfer cost in addition to the total fee payment. Please request the account information by e-mail to info-{at} or via the Contact Us web page (recommended). To protect our account against fraud we can not provide it at the web site. Send us a scanned copy of your bank transfer receipt or a note by email with the date, invoice number and the amount transferred. The bank provides us information only about the amount but not the origin of the transfer. We will not be able to issue a receipt or make reservations to conference activities without your cooperation.


  • Credit Card: Request access to the credit card payment web page by e-mail to Katerina Polutina katrinpolly{at} or via the Contact Us web page. Specify the amount you intend to pay from the options described at the Fee Schedule page. Do not send us credit card information with your e-mail message! You will enter it yourself via a secure gateway. We do not store the credit card information on our computers. It is sent directly to the credit card bureau when you enter it on our web site.

We look forward seeing you in Tomsk!

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