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Approved Abstracts

Author Title
Marco Buongiorno Nardelli High-throughput materials discovery and development: breakthroughs and challenges in the mapping of the materials genome.
Dominic Gervasio Chemical processing in molten salts
Valery Filippov Fiber optic amplifiers and lasers with active double clad tapered fibers
Alexei Popov Parametric resonance and theory of Bragg waveguides
Victor Tugushev Anomalous Hall conductivity in 3D magnetic topological insulator based nanostructures
Fernando Salazar Lithium effects on the mechanical and electronic properties of germanium nanowires
Dzmitry Bychanok Design of carbon nanotube-based broadband radar absorber for Ka-band frequency range
Luca Larcher Multiscale Modeling of Memristor Devices for Novel Memory and Logic Architectures
Alexander Plekhanov Compact planar electro-optical modulators based on poled chromophore-doped polyimides
Kodo Kawase THz spectroscopic imaging using optical parametric generator
Alexei Popov Parametric Resonance and Theory of Bragg Waveguides
Tina Tse Nga Ng Printed Electronics for Sensing
Geliia Karlova The Development of Phased Array Antenna Element for Active Magnetic Positioning System Based on Semiconductor Hall-Effect Sensors
Vitaly Bessonov Angle and axial displacements of dielectric fiber in quasi-optical resonator transformer
Evgeny Erofeev Enhancement mode AlGaN/GaN MISHEMT on Silicon for Energy Efficient Power Conversion
Maria Sineva Simulation of a silicon 3D betavoltaic element with two-sided transformation performance
Wen-Shuo Kuo Multi-Photon Photodynamic Therapy and Imaging Probe with Graphene-based Materials
Emine G√ľneri The Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of SnO2 Nano thin Films Deposited By Spin Coating
Kirill Lozovoy Comparative analysis of germanium quantum dots growth on Si(100), Si(111) and Sn/Si(100) surfaces
Satoshi Kera Tracking charge transport of organic semiconductor material by electronic structure measurement
Koichi Yamashita Theoretical Study on Energy Conversion Processes of Perovskite Solar Cells
Vladimir Pavelyev Silicon Diffractive Optics for THz Laser Radiation
Vyacheslav Timofeev Morphology, structure and optical properties of semiconductor films with GeSiSn nanoislands and strained layers
Steffen Duhm Vertical Adsorption Distances Impact Energetics at Organic-Metal Interfaces
Alexander Kvashnin Computational materials discovery in various dimensionalities
Alexey Kovalgin Hotwire-assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of Pure Metals and Metal Nitrides
Oana Jurchescu Charge transport in hybrid perovskite field-effect transistors
Vladimir Gritsenko The charge transport mechanism and the nature of traps in charge trap flash, ReRAM and FeRAM devicesThe charge transport mechanism and the nature of traps in charge trap flash, ReRAM and FeRAM devices
Tatiana Smirnova Development of photoconductive semiconductor switches based on GaAs doped with Cr and Fe
Stanislav Zhelnio Introduction into SoC: Building an FPGA-based System by Integration of MIPSfpga Processor Core with Memory and Peripheral Devices Using AHB-Lite Bus
Bjorn Lussem Minority and Majority Currents in Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Sergey Maksimenko Propagation and Generation of Electromagnetic Waves in Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene
Ivan Trushnikov Optical induction of phase diffraction structures by laser beams with bessel-like profiles in photorefractive Lithium Niobate
Anastasiya Kachusova A Comparison of the Results of Measuring Permittivity Achievable with Coaxial and Cavity Perturbation Methods
Oleg Morozov Instantaneous Frequency Measurement of Multiple Microwave Signals Based on the Methods of the Mandelstam-Brillouin Scanning and Preliminary Dual-Frequency Splitting
Hiroaki BENTEN Nanoscale Mapping of Charge Transport Properties of Conjugated Polymer Films by Conducting Atomic Force Microscopy
Igor Filikhin Trions in TMDC Monolayers: Faddeev equations and Hyperspherical Harmonics Approaches
Andrei Gismatulin Charge transport mechanism in tantalum oxide TaOx
Timofey Perevalov Electronic structure of oxygen deficient nonstoichiometric tantalum oxide
Joerg Debus Magneto-optical effects of nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond crystals
Flavio Araujo Dynamical Neuromorphic Computing with Nanoscale Magnetic Oscillators
Elena Semouchkina From Microwaves to Optics: All-Dielectric Solutions for Coordinate Transformation-Based Devices
Charles Dancak Nanometer ASIC Seminar
Vladimir Tsukanov Temperature dependencies of current-voltage characteristics of GaAs:Cr sensors with different types of contacts
Damir Islamov Influence of ALD Synthesis Conditions on the Trap Density in Thin Films of Hafnium Oxide
Ivan Chsherbakov The influence of electrical field distribution profile on amplitude spectrum shape and charge collection efficiency of GaAs:Cr X-ray radiation sensors
Anastassiya Lozinskaya Charge Carrier Lifetime Determination in GaAs:Cr under Near-Surface Illumination
Alexander Badin Dielectric properties of essential oils at THz frequency range
Felipe Perez Rodriguez Magnetic response of Fe and Ni nanoparticles embedded in artificial SiO2 opals
Damir Islamov Trap Density Evolution in FRAM: from Wake-up to Fatigue
Damir Islamov Nonlinear full-coupled dynamic RRAM switching model
Le Huy The quasioptical transformer on the basis of the open resonator for non-contact measurements and non-destructive monitoring in the gigahertz and terahertz bands
Yakov Roizin Nonvolatile memories for IoT applications
Ilya Kudryavtsev HDL Application for Digital Synthesis in FPGA
Ilya Kudryavtsev Teaching students FPGA, DSP and microcontrollers in Samara University
Artem Kabanov Methods for prediction of new perspective materials for the electrochemical systems of energy storage
Grigoriy Kuleshov Microwave Electromagnetic Properties of Materials Based on SWCNT and MWCNT
Konstantin Egorov Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Oxygen Deficient TaOx Thin Films for Resistive Switching Memory Applications
Pavle Radovanovic Tuning Plasmon Resonance of In2O3 Nanocrystals Throughout Mid-Infrared: Dopant, Phase, and Electronic Structure Dependence
Maxim Aksenov –°haracterization of Au/Ti/InAlAs Schottky barrier used in microwave photodiodes
Irina Kolesnikova Lux-ampere characteristics of a high-resistance GaAs:Cr
Giacomo Giorgi Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskites: Dimensionality vs. Applicability. A Theoretical Standpoint

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