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Tomsk, Russia, September 18-22, 2017 and

Commentary Yuri Tkachenko

Yuri Tkachenko


    Technological Inventions: There are more Money than Projects


To read Tkacenko's's commentary in Russian published in STRF.RU click here

I spent more than 20 years working on my selection methods for choosing innovative projects for investment, subsequent support and sale. As a result of my work, over the past 10 years, more than 40 objects of intellectual property (IPO) were created and sold in my own projects and more than 80 IPOs were sold in joint projects. For more information you can visit my web site. Like any investor, in the first stage, I and my team of experts select the most attractive projects (technological inventions and software). Quality examination of inventions eliminates approximately 90% of proposals, mainly because of spoiled or unpromising situation with the IPO, less often projects are eliminated due to poor market prospects. Even if the applicant receives a negative response, it is a valuable document that clearly explains why the invention cannot be sold. All inventors are aware of tough competition on the market, but most of them believe that their inventions are worth millions and billions and all they need is just to show them to an investor. Alas, for most of the inventors, documented reality of their invention is like a cold shower. Not all inventors are ready to face the actuality and take the necessary steps to thrive. In my presentation at the conference, I will show the examples of successful projects as well as projects that could succeed if their authors took care about the protection of their inventions in advance, including through international patenting.

Together with partners in Russia and abroad, my company deals with attracting private and public investments, obtaining patents and sales of licenses in Russia and abroad. Common situation is when the technology is really worthy, but is not protected by patents abroad, which makes it de facto defenseless in Russia and abroad, since international market very quickly responds to perspective technologies. Therefore, in the absence of national patents of technologically advanced countries, the relevant products can be squeezed out of the domestic market where these products first appeared. I will also cover this topic in detail at the conference in Tomsk, in my presentation, during round tables and personal meetings. Inventors who have interesting projects can present them at the Technology Innovation workshop as an offer to a potential investor and if you wish to put forward your project in the format described on my website our team will be glad to help you to make it up shiny and attractive. See you in Tomsk!

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